Lincoln Pig Oil



Pig oil is a medium, mineral based oil that includes liquid paraffin, which when mixed with sulphur creates a useful product to help keep your horse or pony mud fever free throughout the winter.

Pig oil, typically, is a skin conditioning oil for pigs and that can be used to prevent mud fever in horses by helping to create a barrier to wet conditions around the legs and preventing cracked heels. Pig Oil also prevents the feathers snapping.

Pig Oil can also be used to reduce the risk of lice and mite infestations, as the insects dislike greasy environments. It works well on heavy horses, coloured cobs, welsh ponies, highland ponies and any feathered breeds, Pig Oil is used on pig’s skin to moisturise the skin helping to prevent dry, itchy, flaky skin and also helps with mites.

500ml Spray or 4ltr refill


500ml Spray, 4L Refill