Anky Dressage Saddle Pads- NEW Spring/Summer 2021 Colours



Anky always offer style and quality and these new pads stand true to this, being comfortable for your horse whilst making a fashion statement!

All of the pads feature a tactile suede outer with an anti slip print on both sides to avoid movement of the saddle.

The thick padding of the Anky Dressage Saddle Pad ensures even shock absorption and optimal comfort for the horse.

Combined with an interior made of moisture managing Coolmax®, the ANKY® Saddle Pad is the perfect choice for every ride.

All pads are full size

AW 20 Colours:

  • Gold Print
  • Ice Blue

SS 21 Colours:

  • Copper Leopard Print
  • Dark Navy Leopard Print

Dark Navy Leopard Print, Gold, Fuchsia Red, Ice Blue, Copper Leopard Print