LeMieux Classic Acoustic Fly Hood



The Classic Acoustic Ears by LeMieux are a revolutionary fly hood designed to increase concentration and relaxation by softening sound. Sharp noises are absorbed by the dense layer of soundproof micro-foam whilst the inner lining of bamboo ensures maximum comfort. The smooth luxury Lycra outer covering is complimented by 2 different styles of close knit crochet and braid detailing.

Recommended hand wash but are machine washable up to 30 degrees.  A washing tablet / capsule can be used.  We recommend using a small LeMieux Wash Bag. This both protects your machine and prevents snaggin gon the drum or seals.  Air dry near a heat source, never tumble dry.


Medium, Large, X Large


Navy/grey, Brown/beige, Black/Black, Benetton Blue/Grey, Black/Grey