Kentucky Sheepskin Elasticated Girth



The Kentucky Sheepskin Elasticated Girth is an extremely soft and comfortable girth.  Elasticated buckles at either end, it is mainly used for training purposes and does not rub.

Developed for horses with a sensitive skin that are prone to sores & rubs. Made from an innovative artificial faux sheepskin, which has won awards. With the same performances and characteristics of real sheepskin. The girth is breathable and has the benefit of being machine washable.

In 2015 Kentucky Horsewear won an award for its synthetic sheepskin. The idea to care for all animals, other than horses.

Kentucky Horsewear spare the sheep. Using artificial faux sheepskin that displays similar qualities as real sheepskin. The faux sheepskin allows air to circulate and also maintains its shock-absorbing effect.

A further advantage is that the synthetic sheepskin is easier to care for than real sheepskin. The outer layer uses extremely light Nylon. A key part to every working yard is that the Sheepskin girth is also washing machine.

3 layers of elastic make the ends of the Kentucky Sheepskin Elasticated Girths. As a result this improves the strength and durability of the girth. Also fitted with stainless steel buckles.

Available in sizes 125cm (50″) 130cm (52″)135cm (54″) 140cm (56″) in either Black or Brown.

Wash at 30 degrees and allow to air dry.


125CM, 130CM, 135CM, 140CM


Black, Brown