Kentucky Horsewear Velvet Polar Fleece Bandages



The Velvet Polar Fleece Bandages are made from the highest quality soft polar fleece and also use a strong Velcro fastenings. Often used on their own, for added support when exercising. They can also be used along side the Kentucky Absorb Under Bandage. Great to position under the bandages for extra protection.

Many new colours have recently arrived, allows the matchy matchy crew to colour match the bandages, saddle pads and also the fly veils.

The polar fleece wraps are used widely in the world of Polo. Again, they give added support but also vital protection for horses playing in a chukka. Also to help prevent irritation from sand or arena surfaces.

The Kentucky Polo bandages are sold in a set of four within a zipped case and handle.


Light Blue, Emerald Green