Kentucky Horsewear Stable Curtain


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The Kentucky Horsewear Stable Curtain provides your horse with a well deserved rest, whilst away at a show and also at home.  Featuring reinforced brass coloured rings, at the corners and top of the curtain which allows for easy attachment to the stable with D Clips or cable ties.

Under the curtain flap features five snap hooks to allow the groom or rider easy attachment of accessories. These include bridles, reins, rug racks and also grooming hooks. The snap hooks fit discreetly behind the flap. As a result this keeps the Kentucky Horsewear Stable Curtain looking neat and tidy.

The curtain is finished in the Diamond Quilted Pattern and also has artificial leather piping on the flap. Complete with the artificial leather Kentucky logo all contribute to this stylish look.

The Kentucky Horsewear Stable Curtain uses strong and durable 600D High Tenacity Polyester.

Measures 142cm wide and 220cm length. Please refer to photo.

The stable curtain is part of a set and matches the Stable Guard.

Machine washable at 30 degrees. Do not tumble dry.

Available in Navy