Kentucky Horsewear Sheepskin Stud Guard



Kentucky Horsewear Sheepskin Stud Guard also known as a sheepskin stud girth uses an anatomic design that gives maximum freedom of movement to the horse. It is also fitted with a soft detachable Faux Sheepskin Liner.

Developed for horses with sensitive skin. The soft faux sheepskin also helps prevent sores and rubs. Made from an innovative artificial sheepskin that has the same performances and characteristics of real sheepskin. The Faux Leather is durable, hard wearing and also easy to clean.

The Stud Guard uses a detachable faux sheepskin liner. Easily washed in the washing machine at 30° C. Where the Faux leather washes easily with warm soapy water.

Durable Faux leather is used for the stud girth. This is very strong and also easy to clean. It his very resistant to knocks and scratches and absorbs the biggest shocks thanks to it’s shock absorbing gel.

The Faux Sheepskin Stud Girth is the perfect solution for horses with a sensitive skin. As a result this also helps prevent the girth rubbing.

The buckles and D rings are made from strong Stainless steel. The buckles also attach to heavy-duty and durable double elastic straps. Training aids also attach the D rings.

The faux sheepskin liner has a soft lifelike authenticity. As a result it is comfortable for the horse and also very durable.

The Faux Detachable sheepskin lining is washable. (Machine washable at 30° C) Kentucky have also made replacement sheepskin covers.

Perfect for sensitive horses and will also prevent girth galls and rubs.


125cm, 130cm, 135cm


Black, Brown