Kentucky Horsewear Recuptex Magnetic Rug


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The Kentucky Horsewear Magnetic Recuptex Horse Rug uses a fine stainless steel yarn that reflects the magnetic field within the body. The top half of the Recuptex Rug uses ground breaking technology and as a result, can support the treatment of many ailments in horses.

Based on the Bekaert BEKINOX® technology. The Kentucky Horsewear Magnetic Recuptex Horse Rug contains the finest Inox yarn. A stainless steel fibre, that is woven into the fabric. As a result this woven technology, creates a faraday cage around the body. Which therefore reflects the magnetic fields created in the horses body and legs. By preserving the magnetic fields produced by the body, stimulates the blood circulation and increases the oxygen flow.

As a result this will also accelerates the recovery process in a natural protective environment.

Size 145cm (fits 6’6- 7’0)

How does it work?

The Kentucky Recuptex fabric stimulates blood circulation and oxygen flow along the back and body and also in the legs when the Stable Boots are used. As a result this treatment can help support healing and also helps reduce recovery times.

The increased blood flow increase the circulation of oxygenated blood flow to the muscles ligaments and tendon. As a result the improved blood circulation reduces swelling, created anti inflammatory conditions and also improves healing.

The Kentucky Horsewear Magnetic Recuptex Horse Rug is a remarkable invention that has really helped horses in the past suffering from a range of conditions. The Recuptex magnetic rug is a great addition to the therapeutic range for any serious rider that wants the best from their horse.

The last image in the display shows an increase in blood flow and circulation from the beginning without a rug. To the end after using the rug. The results of increased blood flow is clearly displayed.