Kentucky Horsewear D30 Air Fetlock Boot


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Kentucky Horsewear D3O Air Fetlock Boots protects your horses hind fetlock joints from brushing when jumping. Extra fetlock protection by bonded shell filled with D3O intelligent molecules. Which lock instantly should the fetlocks come in contact with anything.

They are shaped to fit and built to protect. The strike zones are filled with new generation D3O shock absorbing molecules, and on the outside a tough PU shell and breathable neoprene which as a result give extra comfort inside. As with all the Kentucky jumping boots, they are ventilated to keep tendons and ligaments cool.

Easy to handle, fit and fasten, the large Velcro strap makes the boots easy to use in anybody’s hands. As always the boots have been extensively trialled before being released on the market and we have not had an unhappy customer yet.

Finally Kentucky Air Fetlock Boots are shaped to fit the horse’s legs comfortably, and are built to protect them. Ideal for those who are looking for superior protection and great value!

Available in Black Full Size