Kentucky Horsewear 4 Piece Sheepskin Halter Accessories



The Kentucky Horsewear Sheepskin Head Collar Set is made up of four luxurious pieces of Kentucky faux sheepskin range. Soft and easy to put on. The Velcro fastening ,makes it quick and easy to add to any head collar.

A great choice for sensitive horses. The artificial sheepskin offers great protection to your horse from rubs and abrasions from head collars. With four pieces measuring 2 x 14 cm, 1 x 28 cm, 1 x 32 cm.

The Kentucky Horsewear Sheepskin Head Collar Set also prevents rubbing and chafing from the halter against the skin and protects your leather halter from sweat or dirt.

Easy to maintain, the Kentucky faux sheepskin pieces are machine washable at 30 degrees. Do not tumble dry.

Available in Black. Natural and Brown.


Black, Brown, Natural