Kentucky Horsewear Rug Bib



The Kentucky Horsewear Horse Rug Bib is the perfect pad to protect your horse’s chest from rubs caused by rugs. The horse rug bib is made from two padded flaps which you put over the front of the rug where the front closures are.

One flap is positioned on the inside of the rug, against the horses chest. The other flap then hangs on the outside of the rug to keep the BIB in place. Both edges of the BIB have notches to make sure the BIB stays in place. The horse bib can be positioned on the chest and also the horses withers.

Available in two different styles. The Kentucky Horse Winter Bib and a Summer Bib.

Winter Bib.

The flap that is in direct contact with the horse’s skin is lined with a gorgeous artificial rabbit fur. This extremely soft and luxurious material offers outstanding comfort for your horse.

Artificial sheepskin is attached to the fold on the Winter BIB. As a result, this prevents rubbing of the neck area and offers even more comfort for your horse.

Summer Bib.

As above the Summer Rug Bib is designed and used in the same way. The summer bib does not have the need for the rabbit fur and artificial sheepskin. The outer fabric of both summer and winter bibs is 100% peached polyester. This process gives a velvet finish and as a result makes it more water resistant.


Summer Bib, Winter Bib


Navy, Black