Kentucky Horsewear BIB Wither Protection Sheepskin



The Horse Bib Sheepskin Wither Protection is great at protecting your horse from rubs caused by the horse rugs. Cleverly made in one piece. It folds in half on the top of the horse rug and as a result protects your horse. The sheepskin side is placed against the horse’s wither, which offers maximum comfort.

Its anatomical shape allows the wither protection to stay in place without the need for any other fasteners.  Therefore it can be used in the stable and also during transport. Made from Kentucky’s clever memory foam, it is super comfortable for your horse and will therefore adapt to all shapes and contours of your horse and other horses.

The Horse Bib Sheepskin Wither Protection is easily used on all brands of rugs.

Machine washable at 30 degrees. Do not tumble dry.

Available in Black and Natural. Ones size.


Black, Natural