NAF Off Extra Effect Fly Repellent Spray


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NAF Off Extra Effect fly repellent is a natural, powerful and effective fly repellent.

Containing Garlic Oil and Australian Tea Tree Oil, this solution is a highly effective and long lasting deterrent for flies, midges and other flying pests. It’s fully licensed in accordance with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) guidelines.

Directions for Use: Holding the bottle 15 – 25 cm away from your horse spray evenly over the body onto either a dry or damp coat. Take care to avoid the eyes. Creates a rich, natural sheen with a non greasy finish that will not attract dust. One application lasts several days, re apply as and when required.

> Effective fly repellent
> 750ml spray
> Contains garlic oil and Australian tea tree oil
> Meets HSE guidelines
> One application lasts several days