Lincoln Ditch the Itch (1ltr) & Fly Repellent (1ltr) Bundle


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Buy 1 litre Lincoln Classic Fly Repellent + receive a 1 litre bottle of Ditch the Itch Spray completely free of charge.

Lincoln Fly Repellent 1ltr

Powerful long lasting dual action formula, one application can be effective for up to 12 hours (in normal conditions).
Contains DEET and the new generation fly repellent PMD.
Pleasantly fragranced with Lemongrass Oil

Ditch  the Itch 1ltr

An effective midge repellent for horse and ponies who are sensitive to biting midges.

Based on a concept used by native African tribesmen, where a protective barrier prevents the midges from making contact with the skin.

Enhanced with natural ingredients.