Turmeraid Complete Turmeric Pellet



TurmerAid™ is the complete Turmeric supplement for horses and ponies. It is a very palatable and convenient way to feed Turmeric to your horse. It is mess-free and requires no mixing with other ingredients, because it has been uniquely formulated, containing all the necessary ingredients to optimise the bioavailability of the key functional ingredients.

TurmerAid is the complete turmeric pellet.

      • Helps to Maintain a Healthy and Shiny Coat
      • Yucca (Micro-Aid ®) to aid digestion
      • Positive effects on the micro flora that occur naturally in the stomach
      • Apple Cider Vinegar to increase palatability
      • Support Healthy Joints
      • Helps the Integrity of the Natural Defence Mechanisms
      • Supports the body’s natural inflamation processes
      • Promotes Well-being and General Health
      • Turmeric Contains a Minimum of 5% Curcumin
      • Cracked Black Pepper to Aid Bio-Availability
      • Linseed Oil to Aid Absorption of the Curucmin
      • Can be fed safely to Laminitics

    Suitable for: Equines, Cattle, Sheep, Llama, Guinea Pigs, Rabbits.

TurmerAid™ can be fed safely to laminitics as part of a high fibre, low sugar and starch diet.

    TurmerAid is suitable for all horses and ponies to promote well-being and general health. It can support normal joint function in older horses.