Thunderbrook Equestrian Daily Essentials



Thunderbrook Daily Essentials supplement is the Ultimate Performance Daily Balancer for your horse.

Feeding just 50g of Thunderbrook Daily Essentials (2 spoonsize measures) per day provides the daily recommended rate of the main vitamins and minerals for a large healthy horse at maintenance (according to National Research Council Guidelines).

Thunderbrook Daily Essentials contains essential nutrients with negligible calories, making it ideal for good doers. The Thunderbrook Daily Essentials formula has high levels of B vitamins for energy metabolism – ideal for performance horses or those horses lacking energy and stamina.

Daily Essentials does not have added iron or manganese, because most UK forage provides sufficient of these elements, however it does include essential amino acids – lysine and methioine – which are often insufficient in UK forage.

Daily Essentials:
With natural source vitamins – more readily utilised than synthetic forms
All minerals provided in chelated forms (including calcium and magnesium)
Powerful antioxidants including vitamin E, selenium and those found in blue green algae
Includes Yeasacc to aid digestive health
No wheat feed, soya hulls, dextrose, alfalfa or any other fillers or bulking agents
No magnesium oxide – a gut irritant when fed at higher levels


1.5kg, 3kg