Keyflow Pink Mash 15kg


40% Fibre
Suitable for fussy feeders due to its palatability
Contains beetroot to support muscle function
Virtually no sugar (<2%)
Low starch to maintain gastric, muscular and digestive health (<2%)
Suitable for horses with ulcers or those prone to colic
Contains high-levels of Protexin® Probiotic to stabilise and support hindgut health
Feed with any diet – no vitamins and minerals means there is no risk of imbalance
Soaks in 5-10 minutes
Great for senior horses that struggle to chew

Availability: Available on backorder

Pink Mash¥ has been scientifi cally formulated to support the hind gut health of all horses and ponies. This delicious quick soak mash provides a signifi cant source of highly digestible super fi bre combined with the goodness of beetroot and linseed. World renowned probiotics from Protexin® and prebiotics are added to support and stabilise the microbial balance in the hind gut, allowing for more eff ective fi bre fermentation, better feed conversion and general horse health.