LittleMax Shavings


Fine Wood Shavings
Offers Both Drainage & Absorbency
Superb Comfort & Support
Dust Free
Easy to Use & Maintain

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Littlemax Fine Shavings for horses who prefer finer shavings in their stables
Littlemax Fine Shavings is a bedding option specially made for owners who want to give their horses all the essential benefits of a dust free, natural, healthy bed – but who prefer finer, lighter shavings.
Littlemax is made by the same team that has been producing Bedmax shavings for more than 10 years in the UK. We know there are many owners (and horses) who prefer smaller shavings, so we cut Littlemax finer and lighter than Bedmax, but in every other respect we follow the same process to produce an ideal, dust free, top quality bedding for your horse.
Littlemax shavings allows you to prepare a bed that is significantly finer, lighter and softer in its look and feel, but which has all the fundamental qualities that have made Bedmax the leading brand of shavings in the UK over the past decade.